Puppy Training Courses


Group classes teach you how to control your puppy in an everyday environment and are a great way to condition good manners with basic obedience. Your puppy learns to listen and respond to you while in a class situation around other puppies and people. This is part of socialisation and is critical to helping your pup succeed. Some of our training grounds have enclosed outdoor facilities for safety, making training very enjoyable. We are able to work in a supported environment. Classes are conducted in a variety of locations around Brisbane for your convenience.

If you have come from another training organisation, please contact us BEFORE enrolling into a course (07 3459 2121).


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Puppy School (Part 1) - 8-16 weeks

Statistics show us that puppies who receive coaching and socialisation on a regular basis from the imprinting age (8 weeks onwards) to at least the one year age mark, have a head start in life schooling. They learn coping mechanisms, become… Read more

Older Puppy School (Part 1) - 4-7 mths

Our fantastic Older Puppy School (Part 1) is a new concept designed by us that has been introduced to cater for puppies who have missed out on puppy school or for those who have come from other training centres. This behavioural training… Read more

Puppy/Older Puppy (Part 2)

As your puppy grows both physically and mentally, new behaviours good and not so good set in. This course is designed to provide your dog with continued education and help you as the owners avoid and manage common adolescent problems such as Pulling… Read more

Playgroup - Puppy and Young Adults

At Positive Response we understand the importance of early socialisation of puppies as well as continued socialisation and good play skills into adulthood. Unsocialised puppies grow up to be unsocialised dogs with a myriad of behavioural problems that… Read more

All Ages (Part 3)

Are you ready for the next challenge into higher level training?? This four week course is designed to Advance you and your dog's ability on the most important life & obedience skills: Walking on a loose lead under mild to medium level distractions… Read more

Animal First Aid Course

Animal First Aid is critical for every pet owner to know! In case of an emergency, it is best to be prepared. Our Animal First Aid course provides you with the knowledge and hands on skills to be able to help your pet in an emergency or if they suddenly… Read more