Private/Personal Dog Training

dsc_8524Positive Response offers full in-home customised training for you and your pet. Private dog training is a great alternative to group training classes for those that:

  • Are not confident they can control their dog in a group situation
  • Need to combat specific issues such as seperation anxiety, toilet training etc.
  • Own a dog that is not suitable for classes (If you are not sure, click here)
  • Busy person who cannot commit to group classes
  • much more

You can now choose from the 4 Private Dog Training options below:

** Please be aware that your dogs needs are individual and that the required amount of sessions purchased will vary from dog to dog. ** 

** Please note due to WHS our trainers can visit you in your home on a week day between 8.30 am - 4pm and weekends between the hours of 8.30 am to 4 pm.

NOTE: we do not do consultations after 4pm.

Private Training (In Home)

Why Private Lessons? Home based training commences in the home and focuses on your initial concerns. These can be anything from toilet training to barking and aggression issues. Attention is individualised and learning optimised as we are working one… Read more

NEW - Distance Private Dog Training

Internet connectivity makes it easier for you to help your canine friend in ways never before imagined! Train from the comfort of your own home at a time that is most suitable to you. Online Private Dog Training uses Skype (or Facetime) to connect you… Read more

Personal Training Sessions for Puppies & Dogs (In Home)

Do you have a new addition to the family that is causing you concern?   Bringing a puppy into the home can be very stressful on the family and the new pup. Families with children can also have more issues with biting, jumping and the puppy… Read more

Dog Obedience PT Sessions

Life can get quite busy at times and dog training is generally the last thing on your mind until behaviours escalate. NOW is the best time to start training! Dog Obedience Personal Training Sessions will provide you with personalised training with the… Read more

PT Sessions -Reactive Dog - Barking, Pulling, Lunging

Does your dog embarrass or upset you with public outbursts or is it timid and shy and difficult to get out. Are you fed up with constant lunging or barking from your pet and have tried your best but nothing has worked? Work one on one with a trainer… Read more

Private Form Program Information

*NOTE: All private sessions are recorded to ensure accurate reports*… Read more

Vet Visit Program

Your Pet at the Vet - What Colour is your dog? Does your Pet: love going to the vet? Tolerate going to the Vet? Dislike going to the Vet? Hates going to the Vet? Bringing your pet to the vet can be a stressful experience for yourself, your pet and your… Read more

Vet Visit Form

*NOTE: All private sessions are recorded to ensure accurate reports*… Read more