Fun Dog Training Workshops

Our Fun Dog Workshops cover a wide variety of activities available to all pet owners and their dogs. Courses include things like scent work, getting your dog to use their nose, agility courses and learning to socialise and work amongst groups of dogs in a more relaxed manner. See a list below of the available types of workshops inlcuding upcoming classes.


All Ages Social Group

Our All Ages Social Group is designed to help you continue your training around new environments and distractions and ensure your dog is continuing to respond to everything you have taught them. It is also a great way to continue socialising your dog… Read more

Scent Detection Games Workshop - Sniffer Dog School

Scent Detection dogs are the frontline for Australia in detecting and protecting, including bomb, drug and stopping unwanted diseases come into the country through fruits, meats and foreign plants. Although hounds and spaniels are primarily used… Read more

Agility Course - Agility for Dogs

Agility for Beginners is designed to help pet owners and their dogs get out of their backyards and have some fun. (Suitable for dogs who have completed our courses but not essential. Dog must know how to sit and have basic stay command). The course… Read more