Free Dog Training Information

Resource Guarding

Does your dog growl, bares its teeth and freezes like a statue over its food bowl you when you approach? Does the same behaviour apply if you attempt to remove their bone or a toy from their mouth? Read more

Toxic Foods

Did you know that there are many human foods that are extremely toxic to dog and if ingested can be fatal? Here is a list of human foods and drinks that you should NEVER feed your dog. Read more. Or click here for a great printable Fact Sheet you can stick on the fridge for quick reference. 

House Soiling - Why does he still do it?

Some dogs mature and still house soil. This may help to determine what your dogs problem may still be if you are still having issues. Read more

Vaccinations VS Socialisation In Young Puppies

It is critical to understand that puppies need to learn great socialisation skills in their young lives from a very early age. There is confusiion about vaccinations vs socialisation so read more.Read More

How to fit a Harmony Harness

If you dont have one - you need to get one. This fantastic harness stops your dog from pulling, gives you back control and time to teach them not to pull with safety. It is non aversive, in other words it will not hurt your dog. It won the greatest pet product for 2009 and will remain so as the best product on the market. see our fitting instrucitons.Read more

Socialisation & Choosing a Good Puppy School

Finding a qualified trainer (not just a vet nurse) who runs a premium puppy school will give you and your pup a head start to life. While puppies and children are not the same, their behaviour runs on a parallel. Much like the child who gets a great educational start in their early years, so should your puppy. Read more

One Puppy or Two?

Often people buy two puppy's to keep each other company and often siblings are bought. Is this a good idea?   Read More

Bringing Home Sibling Puppies

What emotional toll does bringing home sibling puppies take, both short and long term? An article written from the puppies' and trainer's perpective. Read more

A New Puppy

The kids have been hounding you, its close to christmas, birthdays comming up. You walk past the pet store and before you know it Read more

Dominance - A Misguided Word

Dominance and the Alpha theory. Why is it so misused and why must people bow to the belief that scruffing puppies, jerking on check chains and yelling at your dog works!. Read More

Whatever Happened to the Term Alpha Wolf?- by L. David Mech

Dr. L David Mech discusses the limitations of the word Alpha and how they no longer apply to Wolf packs. Define the terms we use and look at how Wolves interact as family units. Read more

50 Ways to Use a Kong

Think there was only 1 way to use your Kong? Think again! Dr. Jez Rose compiled a list of 50 things you can do with the Rubber Kong to keep your pup/dog stimulated. Read more

The world Is Not Flat, Nor Is Positive Training Permissive

In days gone by, we had no cause to believe there was any other way of training except by the use of punishment based learning. Read More

Why Using A Choke Or Prong Collar Is Harmful To Your Dog

Dog pulls you around on that choke chain, your shoulders and arms ache and walking is a chore. New to reward based training or just want to learn more.Read more


Familiarise yourselves with your dogs worst enemy - the Paralysis Tick. This article has been written by Animal Emergency Service and provides FAQ'S on these little nasties Read more

Pictures of Ticks - How To Identify Them

Don't know what a tick looks like? Take a look at these photos.. Read more

Current Products on the market for Ticks

Find attached a document outling current products and time that they need to be administered. What products are used for ticks and what is just flea treatment. Read more

Neighbour Disputes Over Barking Dogs

Private home visits and cries for help are high on the list when barking dogs cause neighbour disputes and council is called.Read more

Introducing a New Baby to the Pet

Pregnant, know of someone who is, own a dog or two and unsure of what to do? Then this article is for you.  Read more

He's Only Playing - Or is He?

We've all seen it, the over exuberant roughly 18 month old Labrador on his way to the park dragging his owner who can barely keep up, behind him on a lead. He's so excited that when he reaches the gate his owner can hardly get the lead off him Read more

Choosing the Right MindDog

Assistance dogs can come in many shapes and sizes. But not every dog is suited to the task. Choosing the RIGHT dog is your first step to success in owning a MindDog. This article will give you some tips in how to get the best dog for you- Read More.

Training Standards of a MindDog

There are certain criteria that your dog must meet to be given access to public areas (shopping centres, transport etc.). Read this article to give you full coverage of the Public Access standards. If your dog is not quite at this level, use the document as a guideline to allow you Public Access sooner. Please Note: You cannot take your dog into Public Access area's unless the dog has been administered with a MindDog (or other Assistant Dog) coat- Read More.

Food for Giant Breed Puppies

From around 12 weeks of age, young dogs of large and giant breeds can be fed PUPPY large breed growth formulas, and remain on this food until they reach approx. 80% of their adult body weight. For some reason, dietary protein level continues to be incriminated by some owners, breeders, and veterinarians, despite the lack of supportive evidence.Do NOT feed your puppy adult food. To read full article click here.