Dog Stories

Lucy's Story - Power of Dedication, Determination & Positive Traininglucy-spaniel

Rescue dog Lucy, had some serious behavioural issues. But with thelucy1 help of her owners dedication to training Lucy overcame all obstacles and is now a happy go lucky dog, enjoying life with her wonderful owners. Here is her story, as told by her owner Ruth.Read more


Delta Pet Partners - Kelly & Bella

Training your pet opens many doors.Kelly & Bella are Positive Response graduates who kelly-stewart-and-bellahave gone on to do great work.  Read More




Pet Insurance - To Insure or Not?

Pet insurance is a fairly new unknown. People op1020085ften
tell me oh it wont happen to me or I will think about it.
Here is one reason to think twice - read a clients story
about her new puppy Read More



A Positive Response Graduate

wendy-duffield-and-wolfiev2Training can lead to many things and
Wolfie shows us how he now uses his
education to help out sick children smile
and laugh again.Read More



Sasha's Story

So you have had issues raising a puppy. christmas-party-07-painting-021
Sasha takes the cake growing up.Read More





DogStories tobyrecent 003Is Your Pet Worth It?

When you buy a puppy you think of all the usual stuff. There is one thing a lot of people dont thnk about that can save your pocket thousands of dollars.Read More



 DogStories pa010717Hen's Night Ends In Dog Attack

A night of frivolity ends in disaster as Toni is rushed to hospital after a severe dog attack. These owners were irresponsible in not following safety conduct as they knew their dogs were aggressive. Read More


Photos of Toni's legs three weeks after the Dog Attack

Please note that these photos are actual photos taken of the dog attack story above. Some people may find these photos uncomfortable or distressing to look at.Read More


 Buying a Beagle - BEWARE!                                                                       DogStories bell

Love a Beagle? Thinking of buying one? Nicole tells us her story when Bella entered their lives Read More



 DogStories 13112008335

 Aren't All Dogs a Bit Unruly?

I thought it was normal behaviour for my dog to be a bit unruly until he jumped up and nipped a child riding their bike while we were out for a walk Read More



Black Dog Jack

Sometimes pet store puppys can cause a lot of heartache.Read More