Dog Crate Hire

We now have small/medium and large crates for hire.

(PLEASE NOTE - these are NOT for Airline travel. If you are in need of a crate for any airtravel, please contact Dogtainers on 1300 13 52 52).

These are excellent for help with toilet training puppies, providing your dog with a safe place while taking him/her on the family holiday, travelling in vehicles, or if your dog/cat needs confinement, ie. following surgery or is unwell.






 Crate sizes:

22 inch = 41 cm high x 33 width x56 length (small)

30 inch = 61 cm high x 53 width x 76 cm length (med)

36 inch = 69 cm high x 61 wide x 91 length (intermediate)

42 inch = 79 cm high x 71 width x 107 length (large)

Crates are available for hire either long or short term.


$30 per week for the 22 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch crates

$35 per week for the 42 inch crate 

Late Fee's- If the crate is returned late, a fee of $5 per day will be deducted from the Deposit (see below). Crate Hire can be extended if the office is contact on or before the Crate Hire Return date.

Deposit of $50, fully refundable on return of the crate is required upon hire. If you would like to hire a crate please fill out the form below. You can contact us at the office on 3459 2121 or 0424 058 450 to make arrangements.

Crate Hire



My dog in a cage: is that cruel?

Crating a dog is absolutely not cruel. Prevention from destroyed goods and soiled floors is definitely a good thing! Firstly dogs have a natural denning instinct that they inherited from their ancestors. A den (dark place to hide) is like home, providing your dog with a warm safe environment. It is easier to teach small children to stay away from the puppy or dog while he is in his crate than to constantly be yelling at them to leave well alone.


Why Crate Train?

Crate training is the process of conditioning your dog to accept lying in a crate for a period of time. Although crating is most often used for house training, correctly introduced, a crate can also become your dog's safe haven and place of rest. Crating can be used for short periods for management (so your dog won't destroy things while unsupervised), safe transportation via car or plane, or for keeping dog calm when ill or recovering from surgery.

And crate training is not just for puppies - it works for adult dogs as well.