Our Affiliates

There are many faucets of the dog world and we have created a small list to make it easier for you. Each of these businesses have been invited to our page for their excellence in service, knowledge and patronage.
If there is a business that you beleive deserves to be promoted, please contact us on (07) 3459 2121. 

Recommended Veterinarian Clinics

Redlands Veterinary Clinic  Redlands Veterinary Clinic is a family practice that has been caring for small and large animals for 34 years. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service, have a love of animals and a strong commitment to not… Read more

Recommended Businesses

Love 'ems The Love-ems How Much You Love'em Company is an innovative Australian company dedicated to providing pet lovers with quality products that enhance both the enjoyment of pet ownership and the health of their pet. As with all love’em products… Read more

Registered Breeders

Looking for a reputable registered breeder for your next Puppy? Being able to view parents, look at siblings and discuss your needs with a breeder helps you in making an informed decision about what you are getting.  After all your… Read more

Recommended Training Courses

Thinking about a career in the pet dog training industry or just working with animals in general? Positive Response has sourced accredited training courses in the pet industry to help you achieve your goals by giving you the knowledge and experience… Read more

Other Recommended Trainers

For clients outside of the areas we service we are able to offer you a short list of recommended national certified trainers. Alternatively, please click here for a full list of nationally qualified trainers in Australia.    … Read more


 Peticulous Our newest training venue has everything on offer to pamper your dog and cat, from a hydrobath to a full clip. The shop sells Dog & Cat food and accessories, is a delightful one stop shop. Rebecca and her staff are eager to help… Read more