Dog Training Courses

caninephotography055Group classes teach you how to control your dog in an everyday environment and are a great way to condition good manners with basic obedience. Your dog learns to listen and respond to you while in a class situation around other dogs and people. This is part of socialisation and is critical to helping your dog succeed. Some of our training grounds have enclosed outdoor facilities for safety, making training very enjoyable. We are able to work in a supported environment. Classes are conducted in a variety of locations around Brisbane for your convenience.

If you have come from another training organisation, please contact us BEFORE enrolling into a course (07 3459 2121).


**If you have an entire (undesexed) dog 8+ months of age and wish to enroll into class you MUST book an assessment before hand to see if your dog is suitable for class** Click here for more information.

Please see here for a list of Administration Fees

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Adult Dog (Part 1) - 7mths +

Does your adult dog pull you down the street when walking, ignore you, won't come when called, barks for attention or chews everthing in sight? Take ACTION today! This course has been designed for dogs 7 months and over who may have missed out on basic… Read more

Adult Dog (Part 2)

Ongoing education and socialisation is vital in All this and ONE basic Dog training course is ONLY enough to cover the very basics of your dog's education and training. If you want an obedient adult dog, it is important to note that it takes… Read more

All Ages (Part 3)

Are you ready for the next challenge into higher level training?? This four week course is designed to Advance you and your dogs ability on the most important life & obedience skills: Walking on a loose lead under medium/high level distractions… Read more

Animal First Aid Course

Animal First Aid is critical for every pet owner to know! In case of an emergency, it is best to be prepared. Our Animal First Aid course provides you with the knowledge and hands on skills to be able to help your pet in an emergency or if they suddenly… Read more