Meet our Trainers and Staff

 Business Owner - Qualified Professional Trainer

deeName:  Dee Scott
Status: Business owner
Qualified Delta Professional Trainer
(Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - 2000)
Master Trainer: (All Areas and Private Consultations)

Why Create Positive Response: I have always had a passion for animals and training from a very young age. Moving to Canberra I started a long public service career and as a hobby joined the local pony club and the companion dog club as an instructor and competitor. Training and competing in both, life seemed complete. I then won a position with AQIS as a detection dog handler and moved to Victoria. It was a fulfilling career working with scent detection and I joined the first positive dog training club in Keilor to trial my dogs and to teach. Positive Response was born in Melbourne as a part time venture to serve the further need of the community. Moving to Brisbane the business grew rapidly from a small part time concern to what it is today. As someone who has grown up in business and customer service, I recognised the need for quality professional trainers within the Brisbane area and have developed a fantastic team of trainers.


  • Approved Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Trainer - 2015
  • Cerificate IV in Training and Assessment - 2014
  • Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training - 2000
  • Pet Dog Ambassador Assessor (PPG)
  • Apply First Aid (Ongoing)
  • AQIS Detection Dog Handler -2000
  • Companion Dog Club Level 1 Trainer - 1992


  • BA Awards - Best Home Based Business - 2009 
  • BA Awards - Peoples Choice - 2010
  • Paws and Claws Awards - Top Trainer - 2010
  • Paws and Claws Awards - Greatest Pet Product - 2010
  • Paws and Claws Awards - Top Trainer - 2011
  • Paws and Claws Awards - Greatest Pet Product - 2011

 Senior Trainers - Qualified Professional Trainers

ingerName: Ingerlisa Matthews 'Inger'
Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer 
Training locations: Personal/Private Training

What led you to Positive Response: It has been a long road to finding Positive Response. I studied Child Psychology at University in the United States. I was very keen to link my degree to the newly developing field of Animal Assisted Therapy and had a vision of using the natural healing power of pets with children dealing with behavioral issues. After University I moved to Ireland where the idea of Animal Assisted Therapy was unheard of and focused instead on certifying myself as a Parent Mentor. In that time I rescued a Labrador called Chief and while rehabilitating him, I was drawn back into my passion for animals. When my husband was offered a position in Australia I knew that this move would allow me to continue my chosen career path. Brisbane was our chosen destination and after searching the internet I found Dee. She agreed to train me, teach me as well as mentor me through my Delta training program. I feel this a great fit for me as I have gained the knowledge of training dogs through positive reinforcement as well as working alongside owners to obtain the best behavior from their pets. I have now completed my dog training qualifcation through Delta.

  • Certificate IV Companion Animal Services (2012)
  • Certificate of Attainment from Positive Response Dog Training (2011)
  • Diploma in Parent Mentoring (2010)
  • Apply First Aid (2010)
  • Jan Fennel Foundation Course in Canine Communication (2008)
  • Foundation Course in Counselling (2006)
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Psychology (2001)
  • Associative Arts Degree in Liberal Arts (1999)
Name: Shelley Fellows
Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer
Training locations: Greenslopes

What led you to Positive Response: For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for working with young children and animals. After graduating high school I persued a profession as a teacher, and worked in the education industry for almost a decade.  

My work life was almost complete, however I still had this active passion for animals and felt that I could integrate two careers somehow. I began researching different roles within the animal industry and fell in love with the behavioural aspects of dog training, especially habituation, socialisation, desensitization, counter-conditioning, enrichment and training and management programs. I began working with Dee Scott as an Assistant Trainer in 2010; I have since completed in house and external study for recognised qualifications and professional development within the industry. I have been a Senior Trainer with Positive Response since 2011.

My passion within the industry is reflected by my experience working with both children and animals. I enjoy working with breeders and new families to incorporate and sustain habituation programs for new puppies, encourage child-dog interaction through appropriate activities and training, counter-condition phobias and anxieties in dogs and children, as well as running general training classes.

I enjoy developing my knowledge by undertaking constant professional development within the industry. I also train and professionally develop the Trainers, Assistants and Placement Officers at Positive Response. In our personal time, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our daughter, Isla (1), and her big sister Misha the 6 year old Doberman.

  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - 2015
  • Certificate IV in Childrens Services - 2002
  • Senior first Aid and CPR
  • Animal First Aid (Dogs and Cats)
  • Surf Education and Aquatic Safety
  • Certificate in Grooming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Name: Samantha Wilson
Status: Senior Trainer
Training Locations: Greenslopes/Thornlands/Cleveland/Annerley
What led you to join Positive Response: 

Ever since I trained our family dog -a Labrador- at about 5 years of age I knew I loved training and being around dogs!
As I grew up I did everything dog related I could find and went on to study a bachelor of veterinary technology at the University of Queensland. Through this course I completed work placement at a huge variety of different places including; Guide Dogs Queensland, Australia Zoo, Paws and Relax Doggy Daycare and many different vets.
It wasn't until my third year of Uni when I spent 6 weeks with RSPCA's animal rehabilitation and training team that I found that dog training and behaviour modification was where my true passion lay. So when I saw a job opening for a professional dog trainer with Positive Response Dog Training, I jumped at the chance and haven't looked back!

I look forward to continuing to develop my training and canine behaviour knowledge through working with Dee and all the other amazing trainers at Positive Response.


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Technology (2016)


Name: Karen Stevenson
Qualified Delta Professional Dog Trainer

Training Locations: Greenslopes/Thornlands


What led you to join Positive Response: My professional background is in education, and I’ve taught for more than 15 years in rural, regional and metropolitan Queensland. I’ve also worked full time in animal husbandry on my husband’s beef cattle property in Central Queensland. Three things I care deeply about are the power of education to change lives, the social value of companion animals, and the responsibility I believe we have to make animals’ lives better. Keen to explore how I might be able to combine these three passions, I took leave  in 2012 to complete the Certificate III in Companion Animal Studies, and it was my Animal Enrichment instructor there, Marietta Noest, who first made me aware of Delta Society and the work it does. The approach they advocate in positive reinforcement training aligns with everything that I believe about education, training and animals, and this was how I came into contact with Dee as a Delta-accredited trainer. I’ve now begun the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies, and am working with Positive Response as a Senior Trainer. In addition to making the lives of pets and their people better, I’m also fascinated by the endless potential that lies in dogs working with people, in everything from sniffer detection, therapy, support, assistance, herd protection and conservation.

Karen currently works with the Australian Veterinary Association as the Program Coordinator for the Pets and People Education Program (PetPEP). The PetPEP program teaches children about the responsibilities of owning a pet and safety around animals.


  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - 2017

  • Bachelor of Arts (1983)

  • Diploma in Education (1984)

  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics (2006)

  • Certificate III in Companion Animal Studies (2012)


Name: Ashleigh Cheers
Status: Senior Trainer / Office Administrator/ Pet Sitter /Dog Walker
(Currently studying Certificate IV Companion Animal Services) 

Training Locations: Greenslopes, Thornlands, Cleveland

 What led you to Positive Response: I first came across Positive Response Dog Training in 2008 when I got my first puppy Missy and wanted to teach her the basics. We got a second pup in late 2013 and I didn't think twice in booking her into PRDT.  At this point in time I was working in a call centre and hating it! Bringing Zoe along to training was a much needed break each week;  I didn't want her course to end.  I decided to have a chat to Dee about joining PRDT and she put me on as a voluntary assistant trainer.  I've now been given the opportunity to work alongside Dee in the office to learn a whole other side of the business.  Working for Positive Response Dog Training is so rewarding and I'm learning something new everyday! I'll be undertaking study later in 2015 to further develop my understanding and knowledge of the dog training industry.


  • Diploma of Justice Administration (2009)

  • First Aid and CPR (2015)

  • Certificate II Retail Operations (2015)

  • Animal First Aid Certificate through PRDT (2014)

  • Partial Certificate III Early Childhood Education (2006)

  • Grade 12 Certificate (2005)

Name: Stephanie Gunn
Status: Senior Trainer 
What led you to Positive Response:
I have always has a passion for animals since I was young and followed this passion ever since. I have been a Veterinary Nurse for the past two years and volunteer for the RSPCA whenever I can, which is where i actually got my first glimpse into dog training. Here I enrolled into the Certificate of Companion Animals and started as a dog trainer for Positive Response Dog Training.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Majoring in Veterinary Technology
  • Certificate IV Companion Animal Service (currently studying)

Name: Shaunel Narain

Status: Senior Trainer

What led you to Positive Response: After exploring other avenues of study such as business and psychology I came to find that my true passion lay with animals, specifically their behaviour. I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Zoology which led to my current course in Captive Animal Management.  I hope to use the skills I have gained throughout my studies as well as the experience I have gained through volunteering at the RSPCA and animal rescue centres to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of animal behaviour. Working with the amazing team at Positive Response Dog Training has provided me with the means to put some theory into practice and I endeavour to become an asset to the team and our clients.


  • Bachelor of Zoology - Partially completed - 2012
  • Certificate 4 Captive Animal Management - current

Office Administration


Name: Belinda Langdon
Status: Placement Student/ Office Administrator
What led you to Positive Response: I have worked in admin most of my career, but I've always been passionate about working with animals so finally decided it was time for a change to start enjoying what I do. I love animals so enrolled in the Certificate II in Animal Studies not really sure where exactly it could lead to, but the opportunity for work placement came up at Positive Response and I jumped at the chance to start working in the industry and especially with dogs. I met with Dee for the interview and admired her enthusiasm and pride in what she does. I'm looking forward to learning more from her and the team!
  • Certificate II in Animal Studies - currently studying
  • Masters of Marine Studies (2004)
  • Bachelor of Science - Zoology and Botany Majors (2000)
  • Animal First Aid Course through Positive Response Dog Training (2016)


Name: Tunde Antal

Status: Senior Trainer / IT Consultant / Office Administration
What led you to Positive Response: My career with dog training was brought about during my studies at University where I was studying Psychology. I soon came across the idea of animal behaviour studies and I wanted to know more as my love for animals, in particular dogs, drew me towards this idea. I had previously attended several training schools, none of which I was satisfied with. I did a quick search and soon came across the Positive Response Dog Training website which seemed to stand out. I immediately contacted Dee and discussed with her my enthusiasm for the profession. She asked me to come along and sit in on one of the classes to see if it was for me. Needless to say 7 years down the track it was the best decision I made and I still absolutely love every minute of working with Positive Response Dog Training. Initially I went in thinking the best part of the job would be working with the dogs but I find this job is much more rewarding when I can see the owners of the dogs are happier and are truly thankful for my guidance to help them share a wonderful, peaceful and happy life with their dogs. With Positive Response Dog Training I feel like I can make a difference in people’s & dog’s lives and get lots of dog kisses and cuddles along the way!


  • Bachelor of Education - (currently studying)
  • Pet Nutrition Advisor - Certificate of Attainment (Advance) (2014)
  • Certificate of Attainment from Positive Response Dog Trainig (2011)
  • Partially completed Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Multimedia
  • Certificate of Registration for Real Estate Sales Person (2012)


Trainers, Assistants & Pet Carers/Walkers


Name: Kana Jenkins
Status: Assistant Trainer / Pet Sitter/ Dog Walker
Training locations: Greenslopes

What led you to Positive Response: After I moved to Australia I still wanted to pursue a career with animals as I had worked as a vet in my country. I searched for animal jobs on the internet and came across Positive Response Dog Training. I contacted Dee even though i was worried about my English, but she was happy to work with me and talked me slowly through the interview.
I always wanted to learn dog training/behaviour while I was working in Japan but I didn't have time to do it so meeting Dee was a great oppoturnity for me. It is quite challenging but I enjoy learning about dog training and my English is improving thanks to all the Positive Response Dog Training staff!


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine ( 2005, Japan)
  • Certificate III in Companion Animal Services (2013)

alexName: Alexandria Scott
Status: Office Assistant / Pet Sitter/ Dog Walker / Assistant Trainer
Training locations: Thornlands, Cleveland, Greenslopes

What led you to Positive Response: Watching my mum at the very first stages of the business intrigued me to want to help and I have been ever since. I am mainly office based or out walking your pets or pet sitting for you. 


  • Year 12 (2012)
  • Apply First Aid (2014)
  • A+TSI Workshop - Certificate of Participation
  • Animal First Aid Certificate through PRDT (2013)
  • Diploma of Community Services Work (2016) 

despina-1Name: Despina Kalatzis
Status: Assistant Trainee/Office Assistant/Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

What led you to Positive Response: Dee is my Aunty and from a young age I have worked alongside her doing odd jobs and helping where needed. Now that I have graduated Year 12 and am in the process of applying for University, I wanted to continue to work with Positive Response to not only remain in a high spirited and family environment, but to also further my knowledge and skills in the Animal Industry. Dee and the Positive Response team have offered me a challenging yet exciting employment opportunity that is bound to open up new avenues in the future.


  • Grade 12 Certificate (2015)
  • Animal First Aid Certificate - through PRDT (2015)

Placement Students

aleshaName: Alesha Newport
Status: Placement Student / Assistant Trainer - CURRENTLY ON MATERNITY LEAVE

What led you to Positive Response: I am Positive Response's first Open Colleges student. I was led to Positive Response because I am currently studying a Cert IV in Companion Animal Services and there was an advertisement wanting students to do their work placement with Positive Response. I thought what a great opportunity and I LOVE animals especially dogs so I applied and here I am. I've already learnt so much and love the team!


  • Currently studying Certificate 4 in Companion Animal Services
  • Certificate III in Retail (2010)
  • Certificate II & III in Tourism Operations (2009)
  • Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management (2009)
  • Grade 12 Certificate (2009)
  • Certificate in Pet Massage (2015)
  • Apply First Aid (Ongoing)